Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How To Install Clockworkmod Custom Recovery in Lava XOLO A500 | English Version

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  1. will this recovery work on xolo a700??

    1. This is Clockworkmod (CWM) for Lava XOLO A500 and not for Lava XOLO A700 so it will not work. Please don't try to flash it in Lava XOLO A700.

  2. partition error -1,255 coming when i try flashing! where am i wrong please correct me! i m rooted using ur tutorial. i have superuser latest binaries installed! the app is isnt asking su permission! why?

    1. sry message is [error scanning partitionsfailed with error:-1,255]

    2. TRY AGAIN And AGAIN...is it MTK? yes? then download this app- Mobile Uncle Tools...

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  4. Can you Please send me the CWM or give me a another mirror because the file is removed..

  5. break link

  6. David Barreto27 May 2013 13:41

    how can i do it using a pc cause my device is brick and need to flash room but haven´t cwm recovery installed

  7. :O can you reboot to stock recovery?

  8. David Barreto28 May 2013 08:15

    oh yes!! i can boot into stock recovery. it's a soft brick. thank my god

    but like a i haven´t installed any cwm recovery or any else, then can not flash to a new rom that a have yet. please help me

    in the mode recovery just appears

    reboot system now

    apply update from...

    wipe data/fact...

    wipe cache part...

    and apply update from cache

    my cell is a :

    BLU DASH 4.0 o better knows like LAVA XOLO A500 and it´s rooted

    i've have done the wipe factory reset and wipe cache and nothing

    all stared when installed the driver of chainfire 3d

  9. David Barreto30 May 2013 08:16

    yes i can.

  10. David Barreto30 May 2013 12:13

    how can i do it using a pc cause my device is brick and need to flash room but haven´t cwm recovery installed.

    I can you reboot to stock recovery

  11. halfbloodprince1 June 2013 15:20

    yes friend you can i was facing same problem just fallows these steps
    download this
    Extract it in pc
    Now go into the extracted folder and click on Install CWM batch file.
    Now a black popup will come.Connect your device and Press any key
    you mobile should be in fastboot mode now in recovery means it should
    show downloading screen you can get that by holding up vol+home (just
    power on and hold)
    Let the Cwm be flashed.
    Your cell will restart automatically.

    to get into recovery just hold down vol and on your xolo a500

    after that time for flashing rom download this http://www.mediafire.com/?u1oxl5suz7tsuz2
    and flash your set its almost stock rom but its rooted

    problems you can face :
    1.drivers when you will plug in your xolo to pc it will show 4 missing drivers in device manager can be installed manually just download intel android drivers http://software.intel.com/protected-download/385047/185407
    2.if recovey show its in chinese replace recovery.img with this one in abd folder its in english https://www.dropbox.com/s/aco72j7sfivnutw/cwm_a28.img

    if you still have any question just relpy me

    1. Hey dude i have installed the intel android drivers manually.When i connect my device it dosent goes to the fastboot mode.Please suggest some ways to do the same.

  12. David Barreto2 June 2013 01:29

    oh my god YOU ARE A FUCCCCKING GENIUS. thanks my friend
    but it is chinese, and i dont have any idea qhat is abd folder. please help me one more time.
    look i dont speak english at all, i'm from colombian. write in a way a understan better

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  13. David Barreto2 June 2013 04:01

    it's done thanks
    I have had to translate myself

  14. halfbloodprince4 June 2013 13:05

    dont worry its just 6-7mb

  15. halfbloodprince4 June 2013 13:09

    sorry for late reply got notification in spam just provide me your email id so i can send you english based one click install recovery
    you are welcome .....

    1. Hi bro, can u please give me CWM recovery in english language...for my xolo A500. I would be very very thankfull to you...

      email: harishmourya@gmail.com

    2. hi.. bro.. can u please provide me CWM in english version for Xolo A500.
      I am searching for it from a long time.. :'(
      Please I am using a recovery but its in Chinese language. Drop box link is also not working.
      my email is : harishmourya@gmail.com

  16. i bricked my xolo a500 what to do now?? it just stucks @ boot animation and nothing more happens

  17. Can any one please help me...I am having Xolo A500 handset...There is some problem in wifi connectivity...My mobile gets connected while I connected with inbuilt wifi modem but it does not connected by using wireless adapter...please help me to solve this issue

  18. my xolo a500 is full bricked.not wake up what should i doo pls help mee:((

  19. my xolo a500 bricked what should i doo pls help mee:((